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Prepare Tax Returns and Notifications

In order to protect our clients from any tax problems, which are often based on the annual tax return or for its tax period submitted by the taxpayer to the interest. Therefore, the tax return must be submitted and prepared in the legal form corresponding to tax laws and corporate laws, taking into account the latest amendments, developments, instructions and decisions pertaining to them, and in accordance with Egyptian accounting and auditing standards, and calculating the correct value of the tax, which distinguishes our experience in this regard. A tax return has a legal date and a legal period for its submission, and whoever violates the passage of that legal period without submitting his declaration will fall into a legal fine specified by the law in the text of Article 83. For each modification of the activity, whether adding, modifying, or suspending partially or completely, or otherwise, procedures must be carried out and legally proven on certain legal forms.

Submit quarterly and annual returns and settlements for earning work

Egyptian Tax Law No. 91 of 2005 and the Stamp Law obligated the submission of a set of quarterly declarations on specific dates, as well as declarations when a specific transaction occurred, and a declaration was submitted for it within a legal period established by the text of the law, and the legislator was obligated, along with this, to pay the due tax and whoever is legally liable for it.

Submit Monthly Sales Tax Returns

Stamp is the burden of submitting those tax declarations and adhering to those dates, according to the articles mentioned in the aforementioned laws, including articles No. 10 for the quarterly declarations, which are prepared on Form 41 related to taxes, deductions under the tax account, advance payments, work earnings, their monthly, quarterly and annual declarations, and the stamp tax declarations according to the stamp law with its amendments, which is considered when there is any transaction subject to the tax directly within two months from the date of the transaction.

Prepare the necessary tax inspections (income tax sales tax –  payroll tax –  stamp tax –  deduction and addition inspections)

This step of the examination results from what has been proven in the tax return in accordance with the documents of the movement of the economic unit, such as buying and selling, services, and others, which must be done professionally in preparing the documents required for examination after auditing them, including economic ones, and without any legal violations, and proof in the minutes of discussion (work – stamp tax – deduction and addition inspections).  It is consistent with the tax return, the actual accounting and commercial movement of the unit, and the inspections of the rights of the economic unit, in a way that supports what has actually been proven in the books.

Approve balance sheets of all kinds and for all agencies

Many clients need a lot of other services that are requested by governmental and non-governmental agencies such as banks, courts and other agencies. We provide these services by approving budgets after auditing them and expressing our opinion about them and others at the best available costs. Knowing the importance of time in such tasks in particular, we do our best to prepare the required tasks before the end of the time available to us.

Real Estate Tax Law 196 of 2008, amended by Law 117 of 2014, is of utmost importance to customers and financiers, and many ignore it regardless of the constitutionality of many of its articles and the distance of such a tax from the philosophy of tax on commercial profits and tax on commercial and non-commercial activities, so that the tax becomes legally based on revenues.

Real Estate Taxes

Built real estate leased in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Law, as well as the revenues of furnished units. Many neglect this tax, then find themselves a tax has been imposed on him at an estimate that does not affect the reality with anything, then he received it and did not appeal it, and he accumulated large fines. Therefore, tax awareness and recourse to your tax representative through our office will serve as a strong wall to protect against such matters, and in accordance with Article 9 of the law, which states that we clarify to our clients some important information.

The assessed tax is due for the first assessment as of July 1, 2013, and is due thereafter as of the first of January of each year in accordance with the provisions of the accompanying law, provided that this assessment continues until December 31, 2018.

Another fundamental question is: Who is charged with paying the tax? According to Article 2 of the law, it becomes clear to us that the answer to this question is that the person charged with paying the tax is the owner of the built property or whoever has a right in rem to use or exploit it, whether he is a natural or legal person, and the legal representative of the legal person or the natural person who is not fully qualified is charged with paying the tax on behalf of the person he/she represents.

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