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About Us

Counsel's Office HANY TELEB

We provide auditing, accounting, taxes, consulting, incorporation, liquidation, exports, imports, card issuance, licenses and certificate of chartered accountant.


Chartered Accountant – Tax Expert – Master of Taxation

Fellow of Egyptian Tax Society
Fellow of Scientific Society for Tax Legislation
Member of Egyptian Society For Public Finance & Taxes
Member of Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors

About us The office was established at the beginning of 2009 and we worked in the various fields of the profession, from auditing companies of different activities, preparing their reports, preparing tax returns and balance sheets, financial analysis and tax examination, and establishing many companies, institutions and establishments of all kinds. We obtained many certificates and scientific courses, and we participated in many cultural seminars related to Tax Authority, Egyptian Tax Society, Commerce Syndicate, Commercial Club, private scientific institutes, many workshops, continuing education, and participation in Association of Accountants and Auditors. We worked in a lot of different related directions, which led to the acquisition of the office with its members as an entity practical and scientific experience in all different fields related to our professional activity. Accordingly, we present to you a summary of the following: The most important companies we are entrusted with dealing with from the previous period, which distinguish us in our services provided to them, are as follows:
  1. General Nile Co. For Roads & Bridges
  2. Noble Denton
  3. Misr Feed Additives
  4. Taiba Agricultural Reclamation
  5. Global Cargo System
  6. AutoHub Logistics
  7. BeHulk GYM
  8. Levels Sports Group for Sports Services
  9. Mishwar Al Asimah (Malco Logistics)
  10. N Fox Film Production
  11. Matthias Lischner (French company ÷)
  12. Eshraq Concrete Batching Plants
  13. TLG Intellectual Property
  14. Al Barasna Marketing Research
  15. United for Engineering Equipment – UEE
  16. Zee Tech Group for Mineral Ores Supplies
  17. Plancod Digital Solutions
  18. El-Tawfeek Engineering & Contracting Co.
  19. Abu Nile Construction Co.
  20. MSM Metalworking
  21. United International Cardboard Industry
  22. Taiba Agricultural Reclamation
  23. Uncle Hosni’s Restaurants
  24. Al Shebrawy Original Food and Beverage
  25. Alquds for the management and operation of minerals
  26. Fashion Icon Trading and Supplies
  27. Tycoon Real Estate Development
  28. Darawi Educational Services
  29. Abu Anas El Soury Restaurants
  30. Flying Mustang Transportation
  31. International Cross Trade Cargo
  32. International Trade, Import and Export
  33. Hyra Venom
  34. STECO Contracting and Real Estate Development
  35. Gulf Supplies
  36. Sensor Mobile
  37. KMR Group Pharmacies
  38. El Kamal Chandeliers & Antiques
  39. El Kamal Furniture
  40. General International for Import and Export
  41. ELMASRIA for the Supply of Motorcycles and Tricycles
  42. Al Mustaqbal General Contracting
  43. Express Transport
  44. Book IN Egypt Auto Trading Co.
  45. City Contracting & General Supplies
  46. Artplast Alkanz Supplies
  47. Med Gemma Pharmaceutical Trading Distribution and Registration
  48. Mega Power for Supplies of Industrial Security Supplies
  49. Cairo Gibbs Trading and Supply of Suspended Ceilings
  50. Lamsaat Futec for Import, Export and Agencies
  51. Egyptian Company for Hotel Services and Facility Management
  52. i5 Decor
  53. Champion Website Management
  54. TTransit Press and Publishing Company
  55. Caravan X Commercial Agencies
  56. Jamaity
  57. Plancod Digital Solutions
  58. BMC Engineering Project Management and Implementation
  59. MS Medical Devices
  60. Binary Solutions
  61. Zayed Radiology Centers Management
  62. 2B General Trading & Contracting
  63. Golden Tech Contracting Construction, Demolition, Repair and Foundations
  64. Sequence for Construction, Real Estate Investment and Tourism
  65. Global City Stone Real Estate Marketing
  66. TIT Import and Export
  67. X-Steel Metal Contracting
  68. Jawad International Company
  69. Al – Hinnawy Contracting Supplies
  70. Horus Real Estate Investments Company
  71. Trust Translation
  72. Ouzoud Investment Company
  73. Ali Mohammed Moawad (Grafty for E-commerce)
  74. Ergent Tools Machine Spare Parts
  75. Steelland Investment and General Supplies
  76. Osama Pharma Pharmacies
  77. Family Juice Shops
  78. Al Iman Trading and General Supplies
  79. Al Nada Tires
  80. Moldmachin Supply Machinery
Counsel's Office HANY TELEB

Our Services


We also provide you to prepare and supervise your accounting business, appropriate financial reports at the required time, necessary recommendations at the right time to achieve the highest revenues at the lowest costs, and financial consultancy.
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Additional Services

We offer you Internal and external auditing, financial analysis, tax consulting, accounting systems, licensing, cards, budgets and feasibility studies.
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Tax Inspection

We provide auditing, accounting, taxation, consulting, incorporating, merging and liquidating companies, and services of Export and Import Organization
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Company Incorporation

We help you to incorporate all kinds of companies and enterprises (unincorporated - civil - joint venture – all corporations, whether joint stock, limited liability or limited by shares - sole proprietorship or partnership)
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