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External Audit

External Audit is the approval of the financial statements in a way that achieves the inclusion of what is contained in economic information, and the audit must respond to the changing environmental conditions and in a way that achieves the objectives of the beneficiaries of its services. We carry out the external audit process in complete independence in accordance with the Egyptian and international auditing standards according to each economic unit, taking into account all the developments and updates in the bulletins and publications of those standards, while we follow up on the new writings issued by the professional organizations for accounting and auditing such as (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ((AICPA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)), which is concerned with the issuance of rules governing the practice of auditing types. We do this by applying the best and latest auditing programs with the capabilities of the best professionals in the Egyptian and Arab world market and submitting the auditor’s report to professional external authorities according to the type of report with complete independence.

Internal Audit

The need for this kind of audit within the project itself appeared in Europe after the global crisis of 1929/1933 and in the United States and other countries. As a result of the exposure of a number of these companies in these countries to bankruptcy and holding the managements of these companies responsible for the lack of an effective system of internal control, which necessitated the existence of an effective audit that ensures the existence of adequate and good internal control systems.

This audit is the internal audit that can, through its continuous examination and tracking of all the activities of the project and the economic unit, inform the management of the true status of the project, and provide it with results and recommendations that aim to address any defect or improvement. With the increase in the size of projects and economic units, the emergence of global financial crises, the development of professional laws and standards, the emergence of governance and the obligation of companies, especially the large ones, the importance of internal auditing has emerged as one of the most important and dangerous elements of internal control for the economic unit. We provide an integrated work team that works to perform these serious and dangerous tasks with the best and latest scientific means with complete independence and submitting appropriate recommendations and reports necessary for the work required by the organization of the project as a whole. (Internal Control) So: To senior management and audit committee.

Reports & Recommendations

We help you to submit appropriate reports and the necessary recommendations required by the activity whenever we deem it necessary. The importance of the information must be in the right and correct time, as well as by responding to the work we are assigned to, for which we submit our reports and our crisis recommendations.

Financial Analysis

According to the Egyptian Auditing Standards No. 240 – 315 – 330 – 520 and the Egyptian Standard for Limited Examination Tasks No. 2410 – the limited examination of the periodic financial statements performed by its auditor. The analytical procedures mean the evaluation of financial information by studying the expected relationship between the financial and non-financial statements. Analytical procedures also include inquiries about the existence of specific fluctuations and relationships that are not consistent with related financial information or deviate materially from expected amounts.

Related Services

We provide all related audit services for everything needed by any commercial, industrial, professional or other economic unit.

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